Wine Tasting Events

Our Wines

We pride ourselves on taking the time to create high-quality dry red and white wines, both locally and west coast sourced to evoke Californa style. You'll find sweet and fruit wines too. Our winemaker has something for everyone.

Red Wines

Merlot:  A light-bodied red wine aged with French oak, our Merlot has notes of ripe fruit, cherry and spices with smooth tannins.  


Dos – Malbec: Multi-layered and spicy with lots of dark fruit, ripe cherry and black pepper our Malbec is sure to please the most discriminating red wine pallet.  Aged with American and French oak.


Tres – Sangiovese: Also known as Chianti or Brunello, the Sangiovese grape makes a rich, fruity wine with notes of black current, red cherries with a hint of spicy black pepper.  Aged with American and French oak.


Tres Hermanos:  'Three brothers' is equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Zinfandel. Ripe fruit and smooth tannins make this an easy-to-drink blend.

Leon Millot:  This midwest hybrid has light acidity and great mouth-feel. French oaked with a smoky aroma pairs well with grilled meats and heavy cheeses.

Marquette: This cold-hardy hybrid grape has some Pinot Noir heritage. You'll find tobacco, black fruit and earthy notes in this medium-bodied dry red wine. (To be released in 2021)

Railroad Red:  A blend of five varieties (St. Croix, Leon Millot, Marquette, Noiret, and Chambourcin) come together, making a smooth sweet red with dark fruit flavors. Best chilled. 

White Wines

Blanca Una – Chardonnay:  Lightly buttery with a touch of American oak, our chardonnay is robust with notes of pear, apple and citrus with a nice smooth finish.


Blanca Dos – Pinot Grigio:  Light and refreshing, this Pinot Grigio is clean and crisp with notes of pineapple and citrus perfect on a hot summer day or served with salads and seafood.  


Blanca Tres – Seyval Blanc:  Crisp and clean, this cold-hardy grape gives notes of citrus and light minerality, with a nice tartness and smooth finish.  

Leon’s Rosé:  While Leon Millot is typically a dry red wine, we’ve processed this grape as a Rose.  Light in color; fruity, crisp and dry; the tannins have provided character that give this Rose personality.

  Uva-Fresa: White vin blanc fermented with fresh strawberries. While you'll get strawberry aromas, this wine comes across your pallet like a dry, crisp white.


V2: V-squared is a 50/50 blend of Illinois-grown Vignoles and Vidal Blanc. Crisp apple and citrus flavors have a medium body and firm acidity that stand up well with spicy foods.


Peachy Rosé:  Lightly sweet and full of peach aromas this refreshing wine is great on its own or served with your favorite summer fare.  

Sweet Maria: ...because we couldn't help but sing songs from The Sound of Music while harvesting our Edelweiss grapes. Part of the Labrusca family, this sweet porch sipper goes down easy.


Fruit Wines

Concord:  Made from locally-grown Concord grapes, this semi-sweet wine reminds you of grape jam, both in the nose and on the tongue.

Strawberry: Made from 100% strawberries (no grapes were harmed in the making of this wine). One sniff and you'll think you have fresh strawberries in your glass.  


Rhu-Berry:  It's Baaaack! This unique wine made from fresh rhubarb and strawberries has the sweet strawberry in front and great tanginess of rhubarb on the finish. Tastes like pie, mmmm.

Blackberry:  Can you say sweet and tart? Who doesn't love a fresh blackberry? This wine is made with 100% blackberry fruit. Enjoy!  

Other Beverages and more


We reserve the right to check coolers.

   In case you're not a wine drinker, we offer a rotating selection of craft beers from Lil' Beaver Brewery in Bloomington, Domestic beer, and hard cider.

Wine Slushies are offered from May through September.


Jones Soda, non-alcoholic slushies (seasonal), and bottled water are available for purchase.

Cheese, crackers, and Davis Bros pizzas are available.

Cheese Plates are available on weekends.


Additional food items include a rotating assortment of dips and a selection of handmade truffles from Tipsy's Bakery!

Check out the assortment of wine-infused truffles using

Tres Rojas Wines. 

You are more than welcome to bring your own foods!