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Wine Tasting Events

Our Wines

We pride ourselves on taking the time to create high-quality dry red and white wines, both locally and west coast sourced to evoke Californa style. You'll find sweet and fruit wines too. Our winemaker has something for everyone.

(Gift cards can only be used in the Tasting Room, not with our shipping option)

Red Wines

Corot Noir: Our take on a nouveau wine. This Illinois grape is fruity and fresh. Light-bodied, ruby red and slightly oaked. Super easy to drink. Excellent room temperature or slightly chilled.

St. Croix - Misty Hill Winery:  Our friends at Misty Hill have created this soft dry red wine with prominent overtones of spice and cherry.  Great with marinated pork and beef. 

Chambourcin: This midwest hybrid grape came from Southern Illinois, where we think this grape grows with the fullest expression. Soft, medium-bodied dry red wine with bright fruit flavors and aromas.

Cabernet Sauvignon:  Classic Cab! All of the dark fruti aromas you expect. Jammy with firm tannins and notes of spicy vanilla.

Marquette: A rich, dry red with aromas of new leather, tobacco, and red fruits. Darker fruit on the palette and a pleasant finish. Enjoy!


1st Harvest Red: Our Chelois grapes have produced this 'almost semi-sweet' red that is easy to drink chilled or room temp.

This is your summer picnic wine!

Resurrection Red: Our estate-grown St. Croix is the star of this sweet red blend. Named after the vines that Bob 'resurrected' in our Pekin vineyard when we first started growing grapes.


Concord: Your favorite sweet red wine that reminds you of grape jelly on your peanut butter sammies...

White Wines

Blanca Una – Chardonnay:  Lightly buttery with a touch of American oak, our 2020 Chardonnay is robust with notes of pear, apple and citrus with a nice smooth finish.


Sauvignon Blanc:  Crisp and clean, with citrus, grass, and floral aromas. Slight tartness  picks up honey, peach, and apple notes.  

  Riesling: Classic off-dry Riesling is clean and crisp with a light sweetness that pairs well with seafood and spicy dishes.


Leon's Rosé: Fruity and aromatic, this bright, dry rosé is a wonderful expression of the Leon Millot grape. Perfect for brunch or just for sipping.


Vignoles: Off-dry crisp white. Green apple, melon, and citrus aromas with a medium mouth feel and butterscotch on the finish. Stands up well to spicy food.


Bésita de Roja: "Little kiss of Red", this off-dry Illinois Chambourcin Rosé has strawberry and Maraschino cherry flavors. A perfect sipper all on its own.


La X Peach:  Crisp and light, our white La Crosse grape was fermented with local peaches so the Peach aromas come through.

Lightly sweet with a silky-smooth finish.



Traminette: With amazing floral notes, this semi-sweet wine is related to Gewurztraminer.  A perfect summertime wine.

1st Harvest White: A blend of our first harvest, Traminette and Seyval Blanc grapes come together in a sweet fruity way. The floral and spicy and smoothness is just yummmm.

Sweet Maria: Our Estate Grown Edelweiss is from late harvest grapes, presenting a true 'foxy' expression, and is perfectly sweet.


Fruit Wines

Strawberry: SOLD OUT!

We have another batch in the tank - it should be ready by July.

Made from 100% strawberries (no grapes were harmed in the making of this wine). One sniff and you'll think you have fresh strawberries in your glass.  


Blueberry Tart: We are so excited to bring you our third batch of Blueberry wine. It's sweet and tart and sooo smooth. Pairs nicely with chocolate or soft cheeses.

Rhu-Berry: SOLD OUT!

We have another batch in the tank right now, so look for this fruity favorite in July.

Aronia Berry: Made from local Aronia Berries from Fellowship Farms Aronia Berries in Bloomington IL, this sweet red wine is pretty exciting. High in antioxidants, it's good for you, too!

Other Beverages and more


We reserve the right to check coolers.

   In case you're not a wine drinker, we offer a rotating selection of craft beers from Lil' Beaver Brewery in Bloomington and one or two Domestic beers.

Wine Slushies are offered from May through September.


Coke products, non-alcoholic slushies (seasonal), and bottled water are available for purchase.

Cheese, crackers, and Butch's pizzas are available.

Cheese Plates are available with a selection of cheeses, meats, crackers, nuts, and local honey.

If you're feeling extra fancy, we now offer a

Wine & Chocolate Pairing Experience with

Connoisseur Chocolates by DeBrand Fine Chocolates   


Additional food items include a rotating assortment of dips, meat sticks, and a selection of DeBrand chocolates.

You are more than welcome to bring your own foods!

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